2 DAY CRM instructor refresher

Fully EASA, ICAO, CAA , FAA and CASA compliant!

This course is fully compliant with the latest EASA regulations from October 2022

Duration: 2 days (16 hours)

Price: 700 EUR

Format: virtual classroom - online

Who should attend: pilots, cabin crew, technical crew, HR staff at managerial level and CAA inspectors in need of a compliant CRM Trainer refresher with a bit  of extra training material. This course is equally appropriate for consultants, educators and facilitators with a general interest in human factors.

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Conducted online in our virtual classroom

2 DAY CRM instructor refresher

Format: Online course

Price: 700 EUR

Who should attend?: Experienced pilots/cabin CRM instructors/trainers, HR staff at managerial level and CAA inspectors. This refresher course is equally appropriate for experienced facilitators with a general interest in human factors and an appetite for new inspiration – regardless of industry.

A refresher with an impact


Welcome to our medium CRM instructor refresher version. At Huminact we know that the difference between good and fantastic is small – but the impact is huge. Expert CRM instructors pay attention to the smallest details (which many overlook) and know how to adjust these and when to use them. During the course we will look at some of the most common ones.


A (fairly) neutral approach

On this 2-day Crew Resource Management instructor refresher course you will learn why a neutral approach is essential and you will become increasingly aware of the factors which risk making us appear rather judgmental as CRM instructors so you can avoid the adverse reactions from your students.

We want your training to be a success for your and your students so we make sure to equip you with tools to adjust the small details to increase the impact of your training.

CRM instructor refresher course - EASA compliant

The course will strengthen your ability to

Detect and avoid possible facilitation pitfalls and finetune your own delivery style

Deal with the challenging student

Vary your training style and contents to keep your trainees´attention

Integrate experiential learning activities into your training

Become inspired and fully equipped with the best training material in the industry so you can feel prepared and ready excited to plan for your own, future CRM training sessions with new contents.

10 complete sets of lesson plans, hand outs and power points and a fully EASA, ICAO, FAA, CASA and CAA compliant certificate of attendance

The timeframe of 2 days enables to get into depth with most topics in the EASA Crew Resource Management syllabus. All topics are presented from new angles consistent with the ongoing development of Crew Resource Management principles, safety science and safety culture.

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What people say about this course

I have been in Aviation far too long (30 years), but in all of those years I have never come across someone as knowledgeable, passionate & as professional as you, who truly cares about peoples´ welfare and making our industry a better and safer place.

Alistair W. - Captain


Christian B. - Crosscheck


This three-day (24 hours) CRMT refresher course exceeds the minimum EASA requirements in AMC 1 ORO.FC.115, AMC 3 ORO.FC.115 & AMC 1 ORO.CC.115(e). for a CRMT/CRMI refresher. The course further meets the training requirements of CAA, FAA, CASA, ICAO and major aviation regulators and is suitable for candidates worldwide.

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2 DAY CRM instructor refresher

2-day CRM trainer refresher course - online via Zoom
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The course includes 12 hours of active training and thereby exceeds the minimum EASA requirement. We include our full CRMT manual worth 199€ in electronic version. 4 complete with hand outs and power points and the secret to an eye-opening group activity for experiential learning.

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