CRM instructor refresher course - 3 days

This course is fully compliant with the latest EASA regulations from October 2022.

The course furthermore meets the requirements of ICAO, CAA, FAA and CASA.

Duration: 3 days (24 hours)

Price: 1240 EUR

Format: physical classroom - Copenhagen, Denmark

Who should attend: experienced pilot and cabin crew CRM trainers or technical crew, HR staff at managerial level and CAA inspectors with in-depth knowledge of CRM and Human Factors. This CRM instructor refresher course is equally appropriate for consultants, educators and facilitators with an interest in human factors who are looking for new inspiration for their own training.

Next course: 4 to 6 September 2024

Right in the inner heart of wonderful Copenhagen

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The ultimate CRM instructor refresher course


On this 3-day CRM instructor refresher course we will truly dive into facilitation. We will gently challenge your perception of the do´s and don’ts, help you deal with difficult or challenging students and increase your confidence in providing respectful and effective feedback. You will become acquainted with effective facilitation tools that helps you adjust own delivery style in the future. We look at your individual delivery style in-depth and detail so you know what to adjust. Just as importantly, we help you identify what works so you can do more of that.

As an experienced CRM instructor or trainer you are without a doubt familiar with the concept of facilitation. Regardless of your level of experience we place focus where it needs to be. To help you become even better at exactly that – facilitating and getting your message across with clarity.

On this course we include the complete trainer tool: our complete CRM instructor manual.

CRM instructor refresher course for pilots and cabin crew

The course will strengthen your ability to

Finetune your personal facilitation style using simple, effective tools

Recognize your strongest assets as a CRM trainer so you can use these more

Detect and avoid possible pitfalls

Deal with the challenging student and use your language, tone and body language to make a breakthrough

Integrate experiential learning activities into your training

Increase your confidence and become equipped with the best training material in the industry so you can feel prepared for the future

Upon completion of the course you will have a better understanding of modern teaching and learning principles, how they work and why they are effective. You will become familiar with the power of experiential learning, get to try it out and learn how to use it yourself. And we equip you with the tools to present known CRM topics in new ways that will capture your audience

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What people say about this course

Fantastic instructor skills..... A person who really knows his stuff and at the same time is open to listen, Great use of materials and an ability to constantly keep it interesting. It is, by far, the best CRM course I have ever attended

L. Paladinnelli - Captain

Never a dull moment. The activities are great as was team synergy, diversity and the constant repetition and looking back at previous subjects. Nice material to work with and great the way you facilitate. Never a dull moment. Super.

J. Lijs - Human Factors trainer - Prorail NL

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This three-day (24 hours) CRMT refresher course exceeds the minimum EASA requirements in AMC 1 ORO.FC.115, AMC 3 ORO.FC.115 & AMC 1 ORO.CC.115(e). for a CRMT/CRMI refresher. The course further meets the training requirements of CAA, FAA, CASA, ICAO and major aviation regulators and is suitable for candidates worldwide.

3 DAY CRM instructor refresher

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